Goodbye October 2016

It’s 1st November, All Saints Day, and we’ve said “Goodbye October 2016- you were a wonderful month” The sky was blue, the sun shone, we had very little rain and the autumn colours were amazing. (for our reader in the USA that would be “FallColors” )

We thought that we might have some unlet weeks in our Grasmere cottage, but in the end all the weeks in Brockstone  were booked, and we’re fully booked through most of November too. Our guests had amazing weather and loved their stays. You can check out  our new reviews here. 

Here are a few photos from the last day of October 2016.

October colours Grasmere

October colours Grasmere

This is a photo taken through the beech wood known as “Penny Rock Woods” down to the shore of Grasmere. Can you see the reflections in the lake? Wonderful!


A carpet of leaves in Penny Rock Wood, Grasmere

A carpet of beech leaves.


Grasmere weir, October colours in the Lakes

This is one of my favourite short walks. I probably do this three times a week. Every day is different- the weather, the light, the season, all combine to make each day unique.

All these wonderful sights can be seen on a short walk from Brockstone Cottage- beautiful at any time of the year.