Grasmere Sports and Grasmere Guzzler Beer Festival 2017

Grasmere Sports and Grasmere Guzzler Beer Festival 2017

Grasmere Sports takes place on Sunday 27 August 2917, and the Grasmere Guzzler Beer Festival starts on Friday 1 September. This means that you can stay at our Grasmere Cottage for the week starting Saturday 26 August and take in both of these great Lake District events.

*Edited to say that this week has now been booked- sorry! .Next available weeks now in October.


sports field grasmere sports

Looking down on Grasmere Sports Field, 10 minutes walk from Brockstone Cottage

In 2017 the week of Grasmere Sports is available due to a cancellation, and we have  reduced the rate by £100, from £890 to £790. The guests who stayed last year were absolutely delighted to be able to join in such a wonderful local event as Grasmere Sports.

What happens at Grasmere Sports?

In 2017 Grasmere Lakeland Sports, celebrates 167 years of existence. The Sports have been a regular annual event since 1868, unbroken except for the two periods of the First and Second World Wars. Many Lakeland villages have Sports and Show days, but Grasmere Sports are probably the most famous.The are lots of traditional sports which people can participate in, including Cumberland Wrestling, Fell Running and Hound Trails.

Over the years other fun events ave been added, such as children’s races and dogs shows.

rasmere sports dogs

Dog show Grasmere Sports

Children Grasmere Sports

Children’s 3 legged race

Why not stay at Brockstone Cottage and walk down the hill to the Sportsfield? You can take part if you like! Runners come from all over the country to compete in the “Guides Race” which goes up the fellside ( hill side)

Grasmere Sports race

Off they go- the Guides Race

You can buy a drink in the Beer Tent, and you can buy a variety of great food from the food tent. You can also pick up local craft items and browse the many stalls showing their wares. It’s a great day out, just a short walk from your own Grasmere Holiday Cottage , Brockstone. For news about Brockstone Cottage you can follow our Facebook Page.

What Happens at the Grasmere Guzzler Beer Festival?

It won’t surprise you to know that there are lots of beers at the Grasmere Guzzler Beer Festival. In 2017 this 3 day event starts on Friday 1 September. Book the week of 26 August to 2 September in Brockstone Grasmere Cottage and spend your last day enjoying live music and sampling a huge variety of craft beers. I’m a cider fan myself, and love the huge choice of craft cider and perry on offer.

Grasmere Guzzler

Beers lined up ready Grasmere Guzzler

Grasmere Guzzler sun

A sunny day at Grasmere Guzzler

Friday is possibly the best day to go, as some beers get drunk dry by the time Sunday comes, and the choices go down.

The Festival takes place at Tweedies’ Bar, at the Dale Lodge Hotel in the centre of Grasmere. The Official Facebook Event Page for the Grasmere Guzzler 2017 is here.

The page is being updated as the time gets closer, with band details and timings being added. You can stroll down to Grasmere from Brockstone Cottage and spend a few happy hours sampling great beers and listening to live music. What a great way to spend the last day of your week’s holiday at our Grasmere Cottage. At the end of the day, wander back up the hill to your holiday home and take in the amazing views.

Cottage Grasmere view

Evening view Brockstone Grasmere Cottage

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